The band Tasuta N-Imal, which translates to “future generation” in the Amazigh language, aims to translate the history, values, and traditions of nomadic mountain dwellers and sedentary groups from the Southeastern Anti-Atlas region of Morocco into music.

Tasuta N-Imal groupe

Hailing from the small village of Slilou in the city of Boulmane Dad├Ęs, nestled between Tinghir and Ouarzazate, the group is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of their region and transmitting it to future generations and the world through music, hence their name, Tasuta N-Imal.

Comprised of six members, Tasuta N-Imal infuses their music with the values of solidarity, love, and peace that characterize the region they call home. They form a true musical family, united around a common goal.

Smail Khalis
Abdessamad Amzil
Abdelali Elyakoubi
Abdelkrim Aynaz
Hassan Amzil
Redouan Ourabeh